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Civil War Bullet Dealer from North East Tennessee-Burnside’s HeadQuarters

Civil War Bullets, Buttons, Brass Items, Paper Money, More.

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I accept money orders, paypal, personal checks, bank checks, cashiers checks, certified checks, counter checks. Cash is not recommended but I do accept it. If we have done business before I won’t hold your check before I mail your bullet. I usually will not hold your check if we have not done business. Please make your payment out to Ken Price or TennesseeLead.

Layaway policy: pay what you can; when you can…..I hold long, long time. Zero interest charged to date. I will try & make the terms suit your budget.

Shipping: I ship in a new box that can be reused…not a padded envelope, greasy auto parts box or empty personal check box…NoNoNo.

United States Postal Service shipping charge is $5.50 for the first two bullets/small items. Shipping for three to four bullets/small items is $6.00. USPS now charges by the mile so Western & Northern states can expect a slightly larger shipping fee. Five bullets/items or more everything will be shipped USPS Priority Flat Rate to save on shipping costs…@ $8.30 as long as I can use the small box. Insurance: For $50.00 shipping insurance $2.20. $2.80 for $100 insurance. $3.50 for $200 insurance. $4.60 for $300 insurance. $5.80 for $400…these are actual USPS rates. (updated 1-28-19) Any coverage needed over $400 I will pay. I will ship your relics without shipping insurance but its your baby if the package is lost, damaged or rifled…..I do not recommend shipping USPS without insurance. If you want USPS insurance or tracking let me know when you order.  I individually wrap each relic before shipping. Please read item descriptions carefully. All above applies to U.S. domestic mail.

Overseas shipping: Happy to do it but it is more expensive…about $25.00 US Dollars for 1-4 bullet sized items…a tracking number is included if USPS offers one. Overseas shipping rules & regulations seem to change daily. USPS will not insure packages going into some countries & if insurance is offered there is an additional charge.

This is a one man show. I am the president, CEO, I answer the phone & take the trash out at night. I wrap & mail bullets 8 days a week. Each & every customer I value & I take pride in the quality of bullets I sale. You can buy second quality bullets almost anywhere….I avoid selling this type of bullet. I may have to charge a little more but when you receive your bullet you are happy with the quality of it.

I am a digger of lead in NE Tenn & thanks to all for viewing this website.

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An easy way to search the pages at TennesseeLead is try key stroke Ctrl (control) F A small menu window will appear where you can enter the key word your are looking for. A shot of knowledge for those of us born well before computers were.

*Because of the actions of a few please do not copy any part of this website without permission. To the schools, educators, clubs & interested individuals contact me, state your intentions & your use of my photos will be just fine. Sorry to have to change my policy.


How I grade the condition of a bullet.

1. Excellent dug-Perfect or near perfect. 2. Very good to excellent dug-One or two tiny imperfections. 3. Very good -One or two flaws. 4. Good-Usually I use this category for a rare bullet with damage. 5. Dog-Dawg! These grades are a rule of thumb not a science.

Thanks for viewing this site.

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