“Army Officer” Confederate Droop Wing Eagle Button With The Eagle Standing On A Circular Wreath TL3162


Tennessee Lead


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For your consideration one Albert’s CS41A “Army Officer” confederate droop wing eagle button with the eagle standing on a circular wreath…see middle photo…its faint but its there. Also listed in Tice’s CS284A1. As stated the wreath is faint. The button’s front shows honest service but there is still alot of detail here. The 11 stars are faint but all can be seen on the outside edge. Gold guilt can be easily seen in many of the protected areas of the eagle & around the edge. The back is blank with a depressed channel. The hook has been cleanly sheared off. The button has a great domed shape with no pushes, pin holes, cracks…etc. A Nice Button! A Rare Button!

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