TL7117 Model 1851 Adams Revolver 0.50 Caliber Dust Bin Ball-EC $60.00




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 For your consideration one dust bin ball for a model 1851 Adams Self Cocking (Double Action) Revolver. You will find this bullet to be in excellent dug condition. The patina is a flawless, slick feeling, white color. A fairly large cast sprue can be seen with faint mold seams radiating down from the sprue. On the other end of the ball a protruding teat can be seen...all covered with a slick white patina too. Measures about 0.50 (38 bore) x 0.72 inches. The 0.72 inch measurement is from the casting sprue to the end of the teat. This ball came to me years ago from Central Virginia.

The model 1851 Adams Dragoon Revolver was manufactured in 1851 & 1852. It came in 4 calibers & the 0.50 caliber is the most uncommon to find. This revolver fired a conical bullet & this type round ball...both with the typical dustbin teat. According to some information I found from College Hill Arsenal website (Tim Prince) some of these revolvers did make it to America during the American civil war & in the 1960's a model 1851 was dug somewhere around Brandy Station, Virginia. 

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