TL7401 Old Pattern Colt Navy Bullet with Serrations $30



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For your consideration one Thomas handbook bullet 7 is mentioned in text Another variant features serrations around the base. No photo is provided. You will find this bullet to be in excellent dug condition. The patina is a real nice white color & I do not see a single patina chip. Some of this bullet is covered with red clay dirt still on it...just as dug. The nose is pointed, the rebated base is easy to see & the solid base is smooth & covered in dirt also. Measures about 0.375 x 0.605 inches.

Serrations (hash marks) can be been all around the base of the bullet.

See also Stelma2 bullet book (if you are lucky enough to have one) bullet 05-032 36-caliber Colt revolver bullet...with serrations. Photo is provided. 

Not an easy bullet to find!

See all 4 photos.

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