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This bullet is SOLD   For your consideration one McKee & Mason 443 Gallager carbine bullet. You will find this bullet to be in excellent dug condition. The patina is a real nice dusty white color & I do not see a single patina chip. The cavity is crisp & clean & all 6 spokes can be plainly seen. Measures about 0.54 x 0.90 inches. Dug from Dandridge, NE Tenn. 

The reason the spokes are so seldom seen on this type of Gallager bullet is this bullet was contained inside of a brass hull with black powder. When the cartridge was lost, add rain water & freezing temperatures for a year or more & the black powder would have turned the base of this bullet into a black murky mess. Eventually erosion to the bullet will occur, no more spokes! Speaking of the brass hull you can see, on the bullet for sale, where the top of the hull rested against the bullet. This bullet is SOLD

See also Thomas handbook bullet 7

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