SOLD Tower Sergants Rifle Bullet with Pointed Nose TL7548 SOLD



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This item is SOLD   For your consideration one McKee & Mason 362v Tower Sergants bullet, this one with a  pointed nose. You will find this bullet to be in excellent dug condition. The patina is an exxtra nice white color & I do not see a single patina chip. This item is SOLD From the large black stains this bullet has probably layed in its own black powder for years. Many times this will cause the surface of the bullet to be rough, but not on this bullet. The surface(patina) of the bullet is smooth & clean & there is great contrast between the white patina & the black powder. In the 3 rings looks like some of the original bullet grease is still there. The skirt is thick & the cavity is a cone. Measures about 0.58 x 1.02 inches. Dug from the North Georgia area.  This item is SOLD

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