SOLD 2 Navy Revolver Bullets TL6679 - Lilly of the Valley SOLD




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SOLD For your consideration two McKee & Mason 485 For navy revolver-by colt bullets. The 1st bullet is in excellent dug condition with a flawless white patina. The 2nd bullet is in very good dug condition with a flawless white patina. Mold seams can be found on both bullets & both of the solid bases are smoooth. The 1st bullet shows a fine knife mark where the paper cartridge was hand trimmed with a knife. Confederate as corn bread. They measure about 0.38 x 0.555 inches. Dug from Jefferson county NE Tenn. Dug by the author of Longstreet Campaign to No Where the first winter after Gettsyburg. I hear there are some reprints out there. These bullets were dug together so I am going to keep them together. Shipping is $6. SOLD

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