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For your consideration one iron sword mount. The condition of the iron is excellent dug…one of the nicest piece of dug iron I have seen. Minor surface rust & very little of that. No bends or breaks. Solid. Measures about 2 1/4 inches long. A viewer has posted this information: Dear tennesseelead, This is not a sword mount and these are always being ID’d as being such but I’ve never seen any of these on a scabbard. This is a piece of horse harness and went on the bridle. The bridle leather went through the square opening. The large loop hung under the horse’s chin. This was used with a link strap, a large leather strap with a snap hook on one end. The hook snapped into the loop and the strap allowed a person to hold more than one horse. These are also seen on horse teams in harness for a wagon or carriage. I dug these and couldn’t figure them out. Then in an antique store I noticed the same items on old horse harnesses and bridles. A study of Cavalry equipment identified the connection between these and link straps. These often turn up in cavalry camps and related sites. This is the first iron one I’ve seen. They are usually found in brass. This a nice piece but an accurate ID makes it more interesting. Thanks for listening.

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