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SOLD For your consideration one Thomas handbook 70C - Mckee & Mason 305, slight caliber variant, probably for a .54 cal. muzzleloader bullet. These cone base bullets are hard to find. You will find this bullet to be in very good dug condition. The patina is a near perfect white to light brown color. Two mold seams can be plainly seen...see first & third photos. Both rings are crisp & clean. Measures about 0.53 x 0.92 inches. Dug from the Strasburg, VA area.

In my small hometown a few, just a few of these bullets are found in a battle field area. The history of this battle describes how a few Kentucky calvary CSA entered the battle. They rode bareback & bare footed & seemed to answer to no one. I always felt like these bullets were lost by these troops. SOLD

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