SOLD TL6983 Rounded Nose Kerr Revolver Bullet-CS-54 Gauge SOLD




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This bullet is SOLD  For your consideration one Thomas RoundBall to RimFire Vol4 bullet 58 54 gauge Kerr revolver bullet. The Kerr revolver was made in England. You will find this bullet to be in excellent dug condition. Look at the pictures & that is what you will get. The patina is a near perfect white color. The rings are crisp all the way around the bullet...a real nice, rare bullet. Measures about 0.45(54 gauge) x 0.62 inches. Dug from the Corinth - Shiloh area. 

Kerr revolvers were manufactured by London Armoury Co for 6 years 1859-66. LAC became so dependent on sales to the Confederacy they ceased operations less than1 year after the end of the American civil war.  This bullet is SOLD

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