SOLD TL7026 OddBall GA Troops Bullet-SideCast-Teatless SOLD




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SOLD Here's a bullet you see just ever once in awhile. I now have had 4 or 5 of them. I have never seen this bullet listed any where. For your consideration one bullet that looks similar to a Georgia troops bullet. You will find this bullet to be in very good to excellent dug condition. The patina is a near perfect white color. Notice the very pointed nose...all of these bullets I have seen have this trait. In the first & last photo you can see a side cast mark, in the rings...all the bullets I have seen have this trait. Notice the heavily eccentric small cone cavity. Measures about 0.57 x 1.115 inches...this is a big rascal. I was contacted by a Mr Johnson at Acworth, GA & he told me he had a bullet mold that casts a bullet just like I was talking about. He was kind enough to send me a photo of that mold...see photo 4. SOLD

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