TL7187 $5 Note FARMERS & EXCHANGE BANK Charleston SC $40




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For your consideration one civil war era $5 FARMERS & EXCHANGE BANK of Charleston S. C. Hand signed twice & the note is No 794. Vignette of a black field hand driving 4 oxen with a wagon full of cotton bales. In the background more field hands in a cotton field can be seen & a plantation house. This is a very good piece of civil war era paper...I see 3 or 4 tiny pin holes & a few edge nicks. Great detail. A vivid purple cancelation stamp which says CHARLESTON S. C.  3 3/4 PerCent PAID  W. D. PORTER MASTER. A hand stamped M can be seen in blue ink. On the back bleed thru from the front can be seen. It looks like someone tried to cancel the note twice, in purple ink & was unsuccessful. Measures almost 7 inches long...a horse blanket.

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