TL7337 0.60 Caliber Enfield - Brunswick Rifle Bullet - Teat in Base $120



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For your consideration one Thomas RBRF4 bullet 535 0.60 caliber blunt nose bullet...just like the one in Thomas. You will find this bullet to be in very good to excellent dug condition. The patina is a real nice brown color. Notice the cold pour marks all thru the mid-section of this bullet. The nose is very blunt & right in the middle of the nose cast sprue a faint pinch mark can be seen, where the sprue was removed...see photo 3. The skirt is thin & the cavity is a cone & a small teat can be seen at the base of the cavity photo. Measures about 0.595 x 1.07 inches. Don't see many of these bullets.

See all 4 photos.

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