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SOLD Here's a very unusual little bullet. For your consideration one unlisted, my guess Confederate, 3 ring bullet. To begin you will find this bullet to be in excellent dug condition. The patina is as thick, slick, really nice, white color with some black striations & specks all mixed some salvaged lead bullets. Notice the very faint 3 rings. Mold seams can be faintly seen on both sides of this bullet. One of the most unusual things about this bullet is the fairly deep paraboloidal cavity. Cavity depth is about 0.345 inches. Measures about 0.525 x 0.97 inches. What could possibly make this bullet any better?? Dug from the Corinth - Shiloh area.

This bullet is some kind of variant to a Thomas handbook 134B or a Stanley Phillips 238. SOLD

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