Unlisted Confederate Carbine Bullet


Tennessee Lead


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For your consideration one unlisted Confederate carbine bullet. Similar bullets are listed but not one just like this one. Has a medium depth cone cavity. A crude bullet variety that’s in very good dug condition. The patina is a choice, slick white. Mold seams can be seen on both sides & an interrupted pour mark can be seen in the top groove…see L photo. Measures about 0.52 x 0.87 inches. I dug a few bullets just like this one & have seen a couple others dug in my home county NE Tenn. Dig location on this bullet is unknown. Historical accounts of a NE Tenn battle site describes a small group of wild ass CS Kentucky calvary who rode into battle on bare back horses & were bare footed. They seemed to answer to no one & their own men were afraid of them. I’m betting these were the bullets they were shooting.

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