Mckee & Mason 200 - 0.58 Caliber Carcano Bullet


Tennessee Lead


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For your consideration one McKee & Mason 200 0.58 caliber Carcano bullet. Thomas lists this bullet as a Raleigh pattern. You will find this bullet to be in very good to excellent dug condition with a real nice white patina. All 3 raised rings have very good definition. I measured the middle ring 4 times & came up with 0.565, 0.565, 0.56 & 0.56 inches. Length is 0.915 inches which is by far the shortest 58 Carcano I have had. There is no evidence that this bullet has been cut off. When looking thru the Stelma2 bulletbook I see 5 different 0.69 caliber Carcanos bullets listed. All different in one way or the other. But I see only one 0.54 & one 0.58 caliber listed. Refer to Thomas Roundball to Rimfire4 & you see 7 different 0.69 caliber Carcanos listed #560-566. All different in one way or the other. But again only one 0.54 & one 0.58 caliber listed? Why would there be several different patterns of 0.69 caliber Carcanos…but only one style of a 0.54 & 0.58 caliber Carcano bullets? In addition Thomas RoundBall to RimFire4 lists a 0.69 caliber #566 Carcano but does not list it in a 0.54 or 0.58 caliber? That would make me think that they do not exist. The bullet to the left is a 0.58 caliber RBRF4 #566 Carcano bullet I found metal detecting NE Tenn a few winters ago. So it is unlisted but does exist. When all this is boiled down all I’m trying to say is maybe the short MM200 bullet listed above is just another pattern of a 0.58 caliber Carcano(Raleigh pattern) nobody has listed. One of those things that make you say hmm. Ken: Your TL 2419b answers a question in my collection. I also have a short variant, measuring right at .900 length, listed as a “short variant.” My other one measures 1.024 length. Interestingly, I have a mate to your “annex” as well.

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