Mckee & Mason 415 Austrian Rifle Bullet


Tennessee Lead


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For your consideration one McKee & Mason 415 Austrian rifle bullet. You will find this bullet to be in excellent dug condition. The patina is a near perfect white color & the patina has that slick waxy feelin’ to it. Notice the thick skirt & mold seams can be seen on both sides. The cavity is a cone. Measures about 0.54 x 0.89 inches. I have had 2 of these bullets in 20 years. I am not 100% sure of this but this bullet has a faint side cast mark. If you look at it under a bright light I cannot see it. Put it in a bad, shadowy light…hold the bullet just right & I see a side cast mark up near the nose. Compare to a Thomas Round ball to rimfire#4 238. A close match but without a cavity photo a hard call. The nose looks a little less pointed.

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