SOLD Mckee & Mason 486 Ballard Rifle Bullet TL6348 SOLD


Tennessee Lead


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SOLD For your consideration one McKee & Mason 486 Ballard rifle bullet. Personally I think this is a Frank Wesson single shot rifle bullet (a late war carbine not found in many places). See M&M 483 & also see erosion to the base of this bullet. You will find this bullet to be in excellent dug condition with no base erosion. The patina is a nice white color & is just as shown. This bullet has one raised ring with a groove above & below this ring. In the groove below see the faint ring…most likely where the brass hull once fit. On the solid base a raised base cast mark can be seen. Dug from the Corinth/Shiloh area. I have dug this bullet type in NE Tenn. mixed in with M&M 483’s. The hulls I found were all one type. SOLD

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