Sharps And Hankins 0.54 Caliber


Tennessee Lead


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Here’s a cartridge you just never see for sale. For your consideration one McKee & Mason 172, in the cartridge section, Sharps and Hankins 0.54 caliber. A brass hull that is self contained. The condition is pretty darn good dug…let me explain. This cartridge has been nearly broken in half, just below the bullet & then glued back together. A section of the brass has been lost (see middle photo just above the break) which exposes the bullet itself. A cross section of what the bullet looks like. There are no firing pin marks on the base & my guess this is a whole cartridge that was lost probably still full of gun powder. The entire cartridge has been coated with polyurethane. Measures 1.86 inches long…a BIG cartridge. This has been in my collection for years.

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