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For your consideration one droop wing eagle button listed in Tice as CS260A1 Casimir Rouyer probably made these locals. If this is correct this button was made in New Orleans. The button front has no damage, an unlined field & just a trace of gold. The detail is great. There is a ring of stars around the eagle & a lone star beneath the eagle's feet. Two arrows can be seen clutched in the eagle's claws. The color is a deep brown to plum. The front & back are strongly attached together. The back has an upright hook & the color is a brown to light greenish color. A ring of dots with a ring just below the dots can be seen...see photo 5. 

I bought this button a couple years ago at the Franklin show. William Leigh (button guru) closely examined this button under a magnifying glass. He gave his blessing that this button was righteous. When he stepped away from the table I stepped up & immediately bought this button. 

See all 5 photos. Sorry about the glare from my camera flash. To anyone who does not know me I will sell this item to you on time. I will make my terms fit your budget. Contact me at

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