Unique Appearing Gardner Bullet TL4876


Tennessee Lead


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Here’s a Gardner bullet with a different look to it. Got 2 of them at the Marietta show from an ole time relic dealer. The condition of this bullet is excellent. The patine is a light white to light grey color & I do not see a single patina chip. This bullet is filled with cold pour marks & there is certainly a different look to the rings & the so called insert cavity. Measures about 0.57 x 1.04 inches. Thanks to my trusty Thomas RBRF#4 this bullet is listed as a 404a FAKE bullet. Somebody’s idea of fun I guess. I plan on contacting the seller of this bullet & having a laugh & telling him we both learned something new that day. I’ll keep both bullets. I’m charging exactly what I payed for this bullet…I walk away with a valuable lesson learned & you walk away with a cool bullet & more information than I had when I bought this bullet. Paypal customers please pay $21.

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