Unlisted 0.585 – 0.59 Caliber Enfield Bullet


Tennessee Lead


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For your consideration one unlisted 0.585 – 0.59 caliber Enfield bullet. You will find this bullet to be in very good to excellent dug condition. The patina is a motted light white/light grey(near lack of patina) to a white color…I do not see a single patina chip. A nose cast mark can be easily seen. The skirt is thin & the cavity is a deep ellipsoidal/lovell type…an unusual cavity depth & type. This bullet measures 0.96 inches long. The skirt on this bullet is slightly out of round so I measured the bullet width above the 1/2 way up on this bullet. Measured 4 times 0.585, 0.585, 0.59, 0.59 inches wide. Easy to say this is an unusual bullet.

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