Was At A Show & In A Hurry


Tennessee Lead


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When I bought this relic I was at a show & in a hurry. The seller told me this is a 0.70 caliber bullet that was loaded into a rifle & fired. As the bullet was to exit the barrel the base expanded just a little too much & latched onto the last 1 inch of the barrell. The last inch of the barrell & bullet then became some kind of oversized projectile. Problem is…this is not a fired bullet. For your consideration one 0.70 caliber bullet in very good dug condition. The patina is a real niche white color & the cavity is a plug. Measures about 0.69 to 0.695 x 1.05 inches. Firmly attached all the way around this bullet is a fairly thick piece of iron. Thick enough to be a rifle barrel, I guess & about 1/2 inch tall. Truely a one of a kind relic & appears to have been in the ground a long time.

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