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IOWA BULLET Here’s a bullet you won’t see everyday. A 0.54caliber…a crude bullet. The condition is very good to excellent dug. The patina is a real nice bright white. The bottom ring is an extra narrow U groove. The middle is a somewhat less narrow U groove. The top ring is a sharply upward slanting groove…a wide/deep groove. The nose is blunt…appears to be a nosecast bullet. The cavity is a cone. Measures about 0.53 x 0.98 inches. I have always been curious about this bullet & I still don’t know what it is. At the 2013 Franklin show I saw 2 bullets just like this one at a Corinth relic dealers table. This bullet was dug from the Corinth/Shiloh area. A unusual bullet but not a one of a kind. An ole timer Shiloh area digger shared some information on this bullet Monday. Seems this may be a union bullet. He tells me these bullets are found in US General William T. Shermans camps & to be more specific in his Iowa camps. His men camped in about 10 places between Shiloh and Corinth as the Union army moved to Corinth. We noticed many years ago the oddity of that bullet and they do come with a plug base(much harder to get than the cone) also. The digger feels strongly these bullets were dug from the 6th Iowa camps only. Some of these camps were dug in the 1970’s & 80’s.

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